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How to Order


1. Initiate the Order (All Items) 

Forward an E-mail with your name, address, and phone number to Chris listing the items of interest.  Invoicing and payment are managed through PayPal.
Note: The shop is located in Thousand Oaks, CA.  Clients within this area have the option to pick-up their purchases directly.  Otherwise, items will be shipped.


2. Receive Invoice 

For local pick-upsThe PayPal invoice (listing the items and completion dates) will be forwarded to the client.

For shipped items - The PayPal invoice (will include additional protective packaging/crating and shipping cost line items) will be forwarded to the client. 


3. Initiate Payment
Once payment has been made construction will begin on the specified item(s).  (If there are questions, please call to discuss.)


4. Notification of Completion 
Upon the completion of construction, the client will be notified by E-mail.


5. Taking Delivery
For local pick-ups - The address will be provided to the client along with an appointment date and time for pick-up.
For shipped items - Protective packaging/crating will be assembled and the packaged items will be delivered to the shipper (Post Office, UPS, etc.) for shipment. 


If you are ordering MARIMBAS / ACCESSORIES:

Tenor marimbas are bagged, wrapped in bubble-pak, then placed in a 200lb strength cardboard box.  3/16-inch plywood sheets will be added for extra protection from punctures.  The marimba height stand requires some basic assembly.  The child'r riser platform does not.  Both are shipped in cardboard containers.

The bass marimba will be placed in a specially constructed wooden crate.  The box will be weighed and the girth dimension of the crate will be provided so the exact shipping cost can be determined. 

Bass Tone Bars

If you are ordering BASS TONE BARS / ACCESSORIES:


Bass tone bars must be crated for maximum protection.  The system is basically a box-in-a-box construction with layers of padding.

1st Layer: Bass Tone Bar is bagged to protect it from moisture, then wrapped in bubble-pak.

2nd Layer: The bubble-pak wrapped unit is the placed in a custom-sized cardboard box also having a layer of padding.

3rd Layer: The cardboard box is then placed in a structural plywood box with a layer of 1-inch thick soft foam placed between the cardboard box and the inside walls of the wooden box.  This essentially allows the bass tone bar to float within the larger wooden box.

4th Layer: Finally, the 3/8-inch plywood provides a puncture-proof barrier.

Crate Size

Girth is a dimension freight companies use to determine the shipping rate.

Girth is established by doubling the two longest dimension (Example: If the overall crate is 42 (High) x 28 (Wide) x 16 (Deep), double the length of the two longest dimension: 42 + 28 = 70 x 2 = 140 inches)  


Using the basic (height, width, and depth) dimensions located the Size and Weight page, add 8-inches to each dimension to arrive as the crate's outside dimensions.

Crate Weight

For calculation purposes the following crate weights should be added to the base weight of the tone bar.

Pitches          Add 

C3 to G2       30 lbs.

F2 to C2        35 lbs

B1 to A1       40 lbs.

G1 to F1       45 lbs.

E1 to D1       50 lbs

C1                 55 lbs

Shipping Cost

The shipping company will need to be consulted for actual shipping costs. 

United Parcel Service (UPS)


If you are ordering KALIMBAS:

Please inquire about different resonator box colors.


Both size kalimbas are bagged, wrapped in bubble-pak, then placed in a 200lb strength cardboard box.  Due to its larger size, the bass kalimba has padded foam for extra protection.


If you are ordering PUBLICATIONS:

Since books are not available in hardcopy or paperbound, they are delivered electrically as PDFs.  Therefore, no packaging or shipping charges apply.

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