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Bass Marimba Patent (1984)

During my participation at the 1979 NAMM convention I was asked if my bass marimba (below) was patented.  It was not, but this sounded pretty important, so I filed for patent protection in 1980. 


It turns out that this was not a patent for a technological or functional design, rather for ornamental design.  The patent was granted in 1984 and was only good for 14 years.

CCBANTA Model C213C Bass Marimba, shown in Frank's Drum Shop in Chicago

Bass Marimba Model: C213C, shown in the now defunct Frank's Drum Shop in Chicago

Chris Banta - Bass Marimba Patent (1984)

Front Page

(Ornamental Design Patent)

Chris Banta - Bass Marimba photo used for one of the patent's illustrations

Photo from which the front elevational view, shown on the front page of patent, was created

Chris Banta |Bass Marimba Patent

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