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Octave Unisons (Pairs and Trios)

Octave Unisons (Pairs & Trios) - The two octave diatonic superbass is divided into its octave unison pitches having an upper or lower octave counterpart. 

  • Row 1: [C1-C2] [C2-C3] [C1-C2-C3]

  • Row 2: [D1-D2]

  • Row 3: [E1-E2]

  • Row 4: [F1-F2]

  • Row 5: [G1-G2]

  • Row 6: [A1-A2] [A0*-A1] [A0*-A1-A2]

  • Row 7: [B1-B2]

*Note: The A0 bass tone bar is an experimental exploration pitch into the Sub-Contra Bass range.  This pitch represents the lowest A on the piano at 27.5Hz.

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