Bass marimba designer,

Chris Banta, has developed a professional bass tone bar system suitable for musical applications.

Chris Banta -  Bass Tone Bar Designer

What Is a Bass Tone Bar?

A bass tone bar is a single wooden bar percussion note designed to function within the bass and contra-bass regions of the musical spectrum.

The sound emanating from a bass tone bar is sonically satisfying and quite infectious.  Both performers and listeners alike are drawn to these bass tones which can best be described as a thickening of the air.

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Bass Tone Bars are useful for...

  • Dramatic Low and Very Low Frequency Elements for Motion Picture Sound Tracks

  • Great Visual Stage Presence For Live Performances

  • Adds a Tonal/Rhythmic Bass Component to Drum Circles

  • Low-End Extension Notes for Standard and Bass Marimbas

  • Teaching Aid Demonstrations in the Field of Musical Acoustics

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