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Publications (Free Downloads)



Part 1: Types and How They Work

Part 2: How to Tune and Measure Them

By Chris Banta

Source: Interval Magazine, 1981

Scales and their Mathematical Factors

By Chris Banta

Source: Experimental Musical Instruments Magazine, 1986

Books (out-of-print)

[Book Cover] "Marimba Bar Fabrication and Tuning" by Chris Banta

Marimba Bar Fabrication and Tuning

by Chris Banta


150 pages

7.8 MB

Although a bit dated, this workbook provides in-depth information of how to turn a piece of wood into a musical note suitable for melodic bar percussion.  This work covers the aspects of wood, bar design, fabrication tools and techniques, the tuning process, finishes, bar problems and solutions, and the effects of the environment on the bar.

Note: This book is only available as a PDF which was scanned from an original copy.  Although it contains some redline mark-ups, text and illustrations are very clear.

[Book Cover] "Basic MARIMBA BAR Mechanics and RESONATOR Principles" by Chris Banta

Basic MARIMBA BAR Mechanics and RESONATOR Principles

By Chris Banta


36 pages

750 KB

This booklet covers the technical principles of the marimba bar, the column resonator, and the cavity (or Helmholtz) resonator.


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A Visual Journey of Bar Percussion Projects through the years with Technical Discussions and Instrument Details

By Chris Banta

Target Publishing Date: 2024

No. of Pages: TBD

Will be available through the AMAZON website.

Chris Banta has been designing and building various types of bar percussion over many years.  His projects include Bass Marimbas, Contra-Bass Marimbas, and a variety of other bar percussion.  He also experimented in music scales, outside of our Western 12-Tone Chromatic system of notes, which include the diatonic scale, pentatonic scale, non-12 equal tempered scales, and other experimental scales.

Over the years, Chris has developed many woodworking skills along with the understanding of musical acoustics - a necessary discipline in understanding of how music systems work and how to accurately tune all musical components, so they function in perfect harmony together.


As with any road travelled, it hasn't always been smooth sailing.  There have been many mistakes, mishaps, along with some pleasant surprises which have all provided crucial lessons-learned that were carried forward to the next project. And, this book provides it all. 


Note: Many details, photos, and text explanations found in this website, are captured in this book.

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