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Marimba Bar Fabrication Process

Marimba Bar Fabrication Process
  1. Select wood  

  2. Determine bar size

  3. Cut bar blank

  4. Shape bar    

  5. Determine arch contour 

  6. Remove arch        

  7. Rough Tune bar (to 1/2-step sharp of target pitch)

  8. Locate node points

  9. Determine drilling locations

  10. Identify bar pitch

  11. Drill mounting holes

  12. Prepare surface for painting    

  13. Apply finish    

  14. Tune bar (to final pitch)

  15. Completed bar

Marimba Bar Wood Quality Rating System

Used in selecting wood quality and grain structure suitable for melodic bar percussion use.


Quality coded padauk stock for eventual marimba bar blanks.

Print Version:

Marimba Bar Wood Quality Rating System

How Marimba Bars and Resonators Work Together

CCBANTA Technical Discussion: Bar-Resonator coupling for perfect resonance
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