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Powerful - Powerful bass tones fill the room.  Large wide-scale bars and cavity resonators, result in substantially louder tones than thin narrow-scaled bars and column resonators used in commercially-designed standard and bass marimbas. 

Deep - Extended low end frequency covers the range from Tenor C (C3) = 130.8Hz down to Contra Bass C (C1) = 32.7Hz.

Note: If interested in pitches below these ranges (e.g. Sub-Contra Bass [C0 – 16.35Hz]), please contact Chris to discuss.

Accurate - Pitches are tuned to the A-440 (Hz) pitch standard and are accurate to within +2 / -0 cents at 70-degrees F.  True strobe tuners (having mechanical rotating-discs) are used, along with a CCBANTA specifically-designed test equipment and testing procedure, to measure the tuning accuracy of the bar, the resonator, and the coupling of both components for maximum resonance.

Durable - Robust bars are made of hard maple and protected with a multi-coat water base finish, which makes them practically indestructible from heavy-handed playing.  Bars are suspended with a heavy duty cord and spring tensioning system.  Resonators are made of ¾-inch void-free Baltic Birch plywood and are structurally braced so there are no functional losses while being played.

Amplifiable - In addition to the acoustic resonance of the pitch, each bar contains a piezo-electric transducer and 1/4-inch jack.  This allows for each tone bar to be plugged into a mixer/amplifier system so the bar's vibration can be amplified electronically.  To feel the full power of these low pitches, sound reinforcement systems containing sub-woofers are recommended.



  • 1-1/2 inch thick hard maple

  • Durable clear poly-coat (waterbase) withstands high-impact mallet strikes

  • Holds tuning under rigorous playing

  • Pitch and octave identification

C1 (Contra-Bass C) = 32.7Hz

C2 (Bass C) = 65.4Hz

C3 (Tenor) = 130.8Hz

Bar Suspension

  • Heavy duty nylon cord

  • Heavy duty spring tensioning system

  • Non-fraying cord routing

  • Heavy felt washers to align bar over resonator opening

Bass Tone Bar - Pitch and Octave Designations
Bass Tone Bar - Pitch and Octave Designations
Bass Tone Bar - heavy duty cord, non-fraying cord routing, and powerful tension spring


  • ¾-inch Baltic birch void-free plywood

  • Hard maple mounts and side rails

  • Walls rigidly braced for Pitches C2 and below - a crucial design feature to drive more energy out of the opening

  • 2-inch diameter rubber casters (one side with locking casters to prevent rolling

  • Finishes: Semi-gloss clear coat (waterbase).  Optional black satin.

Bass Tone Bar - resonator spring side

Spring Side

Bass Tone Bar - resonator connector side

Connector Side

Bass Tone Bar - casters

Piezo Pick-up

  • Rigid disc transducer, high impedance

  • 1/4-inch jack connector block

Bass Tone Bar - piezo transducer connector block


  • Mallet size and density matched to the bass tone bar octave

Bass Tone Bar - mallets
Bass Tone Bar - mallets sized to match the octave
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