CCBANTA Model Numbers Explained

Sample Model Number


Starting Pitch/

Lowest Note on the Marimba

Lowest Note Octave

Scale Type

Total Number of Notes on the marimba

BTB = Bass Tone Bar (single note)

C = Chromatic (12-tone equal tempered)


D = C Major Diatonic


ET = Equal Tempered (Non-12 Tone) Add number of notes in scale, e.g. ET5


O = Overtone

P  = Pentatonic (5-notes from 12-tone system)


Q = Quartertone (24-tone equal tempered)

S = Special (Experimental, Non-Specific, Random, etc.)


W = Whole Tone

1 = Contra Bass Range: From C1 to B1

2 = Bass Range:

From C2 to B2

3 = Tenor Range:

From C3 to B3

4 = Middle C Range:

From C4 to B4

5 = Octave above Middle C

From C5 to B5






1st Position

2nd Position

3rd Position

4th Position