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Miscellaneous Projects

[Apr 2011 Design Solution] Drill Press Station::
A medium-sized, roll-around bench with drawers and shallow end cabinets, was designed to support two different-sized drill presses.  Drawers provide storage for drill bits and other accessories.  Convenience outlet provided for plugging in both machines.
Drill Press Station Drill Press Station - Back

[Apr 2011 Design Solution] Spindle Sander Station::
A roll-around cabinet provides proper height and containment for a spindle sander unit.  Drawers provide storage for various size sanding drums.
Spindle Sander Station

CURRENT PROJECT UNDER CONSTRUCTION[2011 Item Duplication] Unique Musical Instrument::
Musical designer and composer, Harry Partch made his own instruments back in the 1940's and 1950's.  One such instrument was the "Spoils of War," a one-of-a-kind percussion component that supported his original compositions.  All original instruments reside in the East Coast, at Montclair State Universtiy.  There is a West Coast Harry Partch ensemble who performs the Partch music using duplicates of the originals.  The Spoils of War was needed next so they could expand their repertoire.
Original Harry Partch "Spoils of War" Instrument Duplicate "Spoils of War" instrument under construction "Spoils of War" under construction showing bar mounting structure
Link to Harry Partch instruments
Link to the Performing Ensemble

[2011 Design Solution] Doggy Stairs::
A small profile stair case provides a convenient way for Fifi to reach the bed which is too high for her to easily jump.  Stained birch veneer plywood, semi-gloss clear coat, and small carpet squares, taken from a leftover room-matching carpet remnant, resulte in a cute and clever design.
Dog Stairs

[2011 Design Solution] Wardrobe/Closet Doors::
Removal of old glass doors having cracks and a hard-to-push, degraded roller system.  Client preferred "slatted" door fronts to match large louvered window coverings, and finish to match new wooden floor. (Left - before, right - after)
Closet Doors - Before  Closet Doors - After

[2011 Design Solution] Countertop Cutting Block::
A convenient, yet heavy duty cutting surface made of laminated hard rock maple and African padauk.  Measures 15-inches in diameter by 2-inches thick.  Sits on feet to keep underside dry.
This item may be ordered.  $150, plus shipping. 
Contact Chris Banta
 Cutting Block

[2010 Design Solution] Powered Mixer Mobile Cart::
Provides a means of storing a heavy powered mixer unit with roll-around capabilities.  Also contains a retractable writing table.
Powered Mixer Mobile Cart Mixer Cart with Pull Out Writing Table Cart In-Use with Mixer Unit Installed

[2009 Design Solution] Mobile Test Station:
Designed to provide speaker testing and musical instrument pitch testing within a visual and easily accessible height.
Mobile Test Station Close up view of individual components Back view of components

[2008 Design Solution] Amp and Mixer Rack:
Designed to contain components in a stacking configuration.  Separation of the modules allows for easier lifting.
Stacking Amplifier and Mixer Rack

[2008 Teaching Aid] 8-Octave Marimba Tone Bar Set: Designed as a class room demonstration, provides an acoustic tone sampling using eight octaves of pitches starting with C1 (32.7Hz) and stepping through the octaves to C8 (4,186Hz). Marimba Tone Bar Set

[2007 Design Solution] Speaker Display Stand:
Designed to display CCBANTA speakers facilitating an easy within reach switching panel while the customer is holding the instrument.  Shown empty and fully set-up.
Speaker Display Stand Speaker Display Stand - Set-Up

[2007 Design Solution] Mobile Prop Walls:
Provides a rigid backdrop for staging photographic shoots.  Single wall unit is 8 tall by 8 feet wide.  A hinged upper extension can be rotated (and clamped) into place which then makes the wall 12 feet tall by 8 feet wide.  Wall units can be clamped together to create a corner or continuous flat surface.  A lower shelf (containing cinder blocks) provides a weighted counter balance so the unit can't tip over.  Smooth white painted surfaces allow for themed wall coverings to be applied.
Mobile Prop Wall View 1 Mobile Prop Wall View 2 Upper wall component clamped in place Inside View with Wall Covering

[2006 Teaching Aid] Speaker Cut-Away:
Satifying the curiosity of how things work, this display was designed to show the interior of the speaker enclosure and its components.
Acoustic Bass Series Demo: Cut-Away (Front) Acoustic Bass Series Demo: Cut-Away (Rear)

[2004 Design Solution] Mobile Sewing Cart:
Places the sewing machine, sewing supplies, and folding fabric support table on a single workstation.
Mobile Sewing Cart Mobile Sewing Cart Mobile Sewing Cart Mobile Sewing Cart

[1996 Design Solution] Mobile Recording/Mixing Workstation:
Provides recording and playback components and controls within easy reach.  Desktop unit holds 19-inch rack mounted signal processing components.  Upper shelf unit is used for supporting monitor speakers in the near-field position.  Drawers are provided for storing workstation-related materials.
Mobile Recording Workstation