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Musical Instruments

Marimba Group 
MARIMBAS (Melodic Bar Percussion)  

Bass Marimba (D-minor Series)

 - 19 Notes
 - Bars: Zebrawood / Resonators: Poplar
 - Scale: Pentatonic (D-F-G-A-C)
 - Range: G1 to D5 (48.9Hz to 587.3Hz)

Bass Marimba (Zebrawood) Zebrawood Marimba - Back View

Bass Tone Bars

 - Bars: Laminated Maple / Resonators: Fir Plywood
 - Pitches:G1 (48.9Hz), C2 (65.4Hz), D2(73.4Hz) , G2 (98.0Hz), C3 (130.8Hz)
These Tone Bars may be ordered.
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 Bass Tone Bars Bass Tone Bars Showing Pitches

Bass Marimba (D-minor Series - Practice Instrument)

 - 16 Notes
 - Bars: African Padouk / Resonators: Not Applicable
 - Scale: Pentatonic (D-F-G-A-C)
 - Range: D1 to D4 (36.7Hz to 293.6Hz)
Practice Bass Marimba


 - 15 Notes
-Bars: African Padouk / Resonators: Walnut Veneer

-Scale: C-Major Diatonic
-Range: C3 to C5 (130.8Hz to 523.3Hz)  

Marimba - Diatonic Scale 

Marimba Novelty

 - 4 Notes
 - Bars: Mahogany / Resonator: Birch Plywood
 - Scale: G Chord (G-B-D-G)
 - Range: G4 to G5 (392Hz to 784Hz) 
Marimba Novelty 

Tenor Marimba (Childrens)

 - 8 Notes
 - Bars: African Padouk / Resonator: Birch Plywood

 - Scale: C-Major Diatonic
 - Range: C3 to C4 (130.8Hz to 261.6Hz)  
Children's Marimba

Semi-Contra Bass Marimba (Chromatic)

 - 26 Notes
-Bars: African Padouk / Resonators: White Pine

-Scale: 12-Tone Chromatic
-Range: E1 to F35 (41.2Hz to 174.6Hz) 
Bass Marimba - Chromatic Scale Marimba-Chromatic-Front View

[1980 Left: Original Build]
Contra Bass Marimba (Chromatic)

 - 13 Notes
-Bars: Macacauba / Resonators: White Pine

-Scale: 12-Tone Chromatic
-Range: C1 to C2 (32.7Hz to 65.4Hz) 
[2010 Middle, Right: Restored]
- New bar set made out of African Padouk
 Contra Bass Marimba - Original Build Contra Bass Marimba - Restored Contra Bass Marimba - Restored

KALIMBA (a.k.a. Thumb Piano)  
Tenor Kalimba (D-minor Series)
 - 11 Notes
 - Bars: African Padouk / Resonators: Not Applicable
 - Scale: Pentatonic (D-F-G-A-C)
 - Range: D3 to D5 (146.8Hz to 587.3Hz) 
This Kalimba may be ordered.  Contact Chris Banta
Product Description Sheet
Model 40 Tenor Kalimba Kalimba - Playing