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Garage Cabinets, Benches, and Roll-Around Cabinets

Design Goals: To incorporate overhead and under bench cabinets and drawers.  Wood storage for flat stock and hardwoods also provided.
Shop Corner Work Benches and Wood Storage
Work Bench Containg Speaker Design Station Shop - Right Bench Wall Mounted Work Bench

Design Goals: To integrate the table saw into a run-off table (for supporting the sawing of large flat stock) while including a work bench and a storage cabinet and drawers.
Shope Table Saw Bench
Shop Table Saw Bench 2nd view Convenience Panel - Electrical, Vacuum, and Compressed Air Bandsaw and Sanders Sanding Center Drill Press Cabinet
Companion Island Work Bench (addition)
Designed similarily after the larger table saw unit with drawers and cabinet storage space.  AC power is provided by extension cord connection to the island.
Companion Island Work Bench