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Great Visual Stage Presence For Live Performances

Dramatic Low and Very Low Frequency Elements for
Motion Picture Sound Tracks

Adds a Tonal Bass Component to Rhythmic
Drum Circles

Low-End Extension Notes for Standard and Bass Marimbas

Teaching Aid Demonstrations in the Field of Musical Acoustics

CCBANTA Bass Tone Bars CCBANTA Bass Tone Bars in a Drum Circle CCBANTA - Bass Tone Bars - Shown in black finish
CCBANTA Bass Tone Bars - Chris Banta Performing
Bass marimba designer, Chris Banta (left) has developed a professional bass tone bar system suitable for musical applications. 

A bass tone bar is a single wooden bar percussion note designed to function within the bass and contra-bass regions of the musical spectrum.

The sound emanating from a bass tone bar is sonically satisfying and quite infectious.  Both performers and listeners alike are drawn to these bass tones which can best be described as a "percussive bong that thickens the air." 

Slowly move cursor over a bar to launch an audible tone.  A slight lag in sound is normal.
The lowest tones to the left will sound more realistic with a large sub-woofer.
C1  D1  G1  A1  C2  D2  G2  A2  C3 

'Deep Waves" Go Button .MP3 / 411KB / 00:52
Composer: Chris Banta
"Bass Tone Bar Song" Go Button .MP3 / 9.6MB / 10:16
Composer: Chuck Jonkey
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"BantaBox1" Go Button .MP3 / 5.9MB / 6:17
Composer: Chuck Jonkey
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"Marimba10a" Go Button .MP3 / 6.8MB / 7:17
Composer: Chuck Jonkey
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Powerful bass tones fill the room.  Large scale (wide) bars and cavity resonators, result in substantially louder tones than thin scaled (narrow) bars and column resonators used in commercially-designed standard and bass marimbas. 

Extended low end frequency covers the range from Tenor C (C3 - 130.0Hz) down to Contra Bass C (C1 - 32.7Hz). If interested in notes below these ranges (e.g. Sub-Contra Bass [C0 – 16.35Hz]), please contact Chris to discuss.

Pitches are tuned to the A-440 (Hz) pitch standard and are accurate to within +1 / -0 cents at 70-degrees F.  True [rotating-disc] strobe tuners are used, along with a CCBANTA specifically-designed equipment-testing procedure, to measure the tuning accuracy of the bar, the resonator, and the coupling of both components for maximum resonance.

Robust bars are made of laminated hard maple and protected with a multi-coat waterbase finish, which makes them practically indestructible from heavy-handed playing.  Bars are suspended with a heavy duty cord and spring tensioning system.  Resonators are made of ¾-inch void-free Baltic Birch plywood.

In addition to the acoustic resonance of the pitch, each bar contains a piezo-electric transducer and 1/4-inch jack.  This allows for each tone bar to be plugged into a mixer/amplifier so the bar's vibration can be amplified electronically.  To feel the full power of these low pitches, sound reinforcement systems containing sub-woofers are recommended

- All bass tone bars are hand crafted
- Any configuration of notes or scales available
- Playing surface height is 34-inches
- Pitch and octave designations identifiied on each bar for instant recognition.
- Available finishes are Natural (with a satin clear coat), Satin Black, simulated animal-skinned fabric, or whatever the customer wants.
- All units have casters for ease of mobility
- Mike Balter#18 (Ensemble Series) Bass Marimba mallets,with rattan handles, are supplied.

Brian Reitzell -Composer
Chuck Jonkey - Composer
Danny Elfman - Composer
Rob Sayer - Child Educator
Want to see where the magic happens...?
Call phone number below to make an appointment for a workshop tour.
Shop is located in Thousand Oaks, CA.
Chris Banta's Workshop

A new Drum Circle "Deluxe" Bass Tone Bar set
(D1, G1, A1, C2, D2, G2, A2, C3).
Scheduled completion time is: Jan 2017.
CCBANTA Bass Tone Bar Set Under Construction
[Nov 11, 2016] Bars rough cut.  Resonator panels cut.

[Dec 2, 2016] Bars rough tuned.  Resonator boxes assembled.

Bass Tone Bar Set Expanded to Diatonic Scale "Super Bass"
[Apr 21, 2017] Bar set expanded to two octave diatonic super bass.
Range: [R to L] A0, C1, D1, E1, F1, G1, A1, B1, C2, D2, E2, F2, G2, A2, B2, C3
New scheduled completion date: May 5, 2017
Selecting Pitches - The customer may choose any configuration and number of pitches to suit their musical needs.  The Price List has the notes arranged in (proposed) drum circle sets, and diatonic and chromatic scale sets in both the bass and contra-bass ranges.

1) Once selected, forward pitch choices to Chris Banta via e-mail (below). 
2) A quote and suggested completion date will be prepared and returned to the requestor. 
3) A 50% non-refundable deposit is required prior to the start of work. 
4) Customer pays the balance upon completion.  The customer is responsible for costs associated with pick-up, delivery, shipping, and/or crating.  Please call Chris Banta to discuss details and have all questions answered.

Chris Banta "Marimba Eroica" Project
Chris Banta Marimba Eroica

Chris Banta Marimba Eroica in Concert
 CCBANTA - Bass Tone Bars under construction CCBANTA - Bass Tone Bars - Resonator and Bar under construction CCBANTA Bass Tone Bars - Bar Tuning Bass Tone Bars - Input Jack CCBANTA Bass Tone Bars with Animal Skin Fabric Coverings (Photo Retouched)

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