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Preparing Your Bars for Delivery/Shipment

To utilize this service please perform the following steps.

STEP 1  Contact Chris Banta via e-mail or phone (above)

Be prepared to discuss the following:

  • Describe specific problems and overall instrument condition

  • Instrument type (Manufacturer and Model Number, if known)

  • Bar material

  • Number of notes

We'll need to determine bar delivery logistics, type of work that will be needed, estimation of costs (including shipping), completion date, and any other details.

STEP 2  Remove Bars from the Instrument

Tuning jobs require only the bars themselves.  Generally, the bars may be lifted off of the frame with the mounting cord still intact.  If the mounts contain closed holes, then the bars will need to be unstrung so they can be removed.

If problems are suspected of the frame or resonators, we should discuss them as well.

STEP 3  Package Bars for Shipment

Bars should be placed in a box with protective material so they won't damage each other.  Wrapping bars individually is the best protection.  For a lot of bars, it is better to spread the load and reduce the weight by using smaller boxes.  If using multiple boxes, then each box should be numbered as follows, e.g. 1 of 2, 2 of 2.

Once the arrangements for the work have been agreed upon, the shipping address will be provided .

STEP 4  Ship / Deliver Bars and Down Payment

Distant Clients: Shipping, both ways is the responsibility of the client.  50% down may be included in the shipment or sent under separate cover.

Local Clients: Clients living in the greater Los Angeles or Ventura areas, may choose to deliver the bars in person. 50% down can be made at this time.  (The clients is welcome to bring the entire instrument.  A general assessment of the instrument's condition will be performed at no cost.  Please set up an appointment.)

STEP 5  Begin Work

Bar sets requiring tuning only, can be completed in one (1) week.  Refinishing and tuning takes 2 weeks.  Repairs and replacements are handled on a case-by-case basis.

STEP 6  Job Completed and Final Payment

Distant Clients: Upon completion of the job, the bars will be boxed up and shipped via C.O.D. which collects the final balance (50% due and return shipping cost).

Local Clients: The 50% balance can be made upon pick-up of the bars.